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Charles R. Wood

Builders LLC

"Residential construction and
renovation work"

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Charles R. Wood

Builders LLC

"Commercial construction and
renovation services "

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Charles R. Wood

Builders LLC

"Green Building / Energy Star
Facilities Services"

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Charles R. Wood Builders

Charles R. Wood Builders, Inc. was founded in 1978. Located in historic Manassas, Virginia, our purpose from the beginning has been to provide our clients with quality services that will meet their construction and contracting requirements. We take pride in our employees, knowing that they are the driving forces behind our commitment to that purpose.


Our company has another purpose. This purpose is not unlike the Biblical directive for each of us as individuals: “to love the LORD your GOD with all your heart, mind and soul” and to “love your neighbor as yourself.”


We want to treat you as we would want to be treated ourselves. Our desire is to continue to build a reputation, not only for skilled craftsmanship and the construction services we provide, but also for the fair and honest way we work with our clients.


History of Charles R. Wood Builders

In 1978, after a sixteen year career as a superintendent with Dittmar Construction and several partnerships involving successful development projects, Mr. Wood founded Charles R. Wood builders, Inc., a Virginia Class A corporation.

Commercial & Residential Services

Charles R. Wood Builders is a company made up of individuals. Individuals of different backgrounds, skills, and talents brought together to achieve a common goal. It is our desire as a company to make our common goal “to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul” and to “love your neighbor as yourself.


Charles R. Wood Builders is always looking for individuals possessing top quality skills in the areas of design, cost estimating, accounting, construction trade skills, and project management. Below is a list of positions currently available or that are anticipated as work is awarded. You may use the form below to submit your resume and contact information and to find out more about Charles R. Wood Builders.


Commercial Services

Commercial construction and renovation services we can provide include construction, renovation and repair of office buildings, shopping centers, gymnasiums and sports complexes, hotels, churches, restaurant and retail facilities. CRW Builders performs small to moderate size commercial construction, and also serves as subcontractor for larger projects.

Residential Services

Residential constructio and renovation work is also a key component of our business. We build custom homes and can perform most any renovation you require. We have been pleased to construct, renovate and repair thousands of homes over the years, leading to healtheir, happier and more prosperous family lifestyles.

Green Building

There is increasing emphasis on the constuction and retrofit of facilities to make them more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. CRW Builders can help your home or workplace conform to Green Building / Energy Star standards. Doing so entails a small investment up front, but the return on your investment is a safer and healthier facility that saves you money in the long term.


What requirement, need or desire will this project fulfill?

With over 30 years of work in the commercial and residential construction business, CRW Builders can help you plan, design, schedule, finance and build most any project you require. You know the old saying, “A failure to plan is planning to fail.” Well, here are project planning questions you should ask yourself and be ready to answer. Knowing the answer to these questions will help you thoroughly plan your next project so that it is much more likely to come in on time, within budget, and fully meets your requirements. Here are five tips to help you better plan your next project.

What requirement, need or desire will this project fulfill?

Before you get to wrapped up in the mechanics of building something you heard or saw about, determine what it is you really need or want. This is the most neglected phase of nearly every project, in part because it can be difficult. Yet a thorough assessment of your needs and requirements is invaluable to every subsequent phase of your project — including design, permitting, construction, furnishings, to beneficial occupancy. It will prevent many false starts, misunderstandings, code violations, and waste of time and resources while deciding how much and what type of space your operations really need. And, most importantly, we can probably offer you a simpler, better, more cost efficient solution than the latest project or product you saw in an advertisement. Let us meet with you to help establish your project and facility requirements.

What budget are you working within?

Optimism can be a good thing, until you are making assumptions on project costs. Here is where the assistance of an experienced professional can help you ensure that you implement a project that avoids significant cost overruns. Make sure you have the funds or financing approved before the project gets underway so that you don’t end up living with a partially completed project for months on end.

What is your schedule for completing the project?

Better planning can help avoid scheduling delays, but problems do arise. It could be a delay from a parts supplier, a plumber who will not be able to do work for another two weeks, or an unknown structural problem that requires special work. Good planning up front helps minimize the impacts of those pesky, inevitable challenges to project completion.

Who will oversee the project?

Larger projects typically involve preliminary meetings with architects/engineers and the general contractor, purchase and delivery of materials, work by multiple trade skills from different contractors, and, of course, visits by your friendly county inspector. Someone, whether the business or home owner or a designated representative, should provide oversight of the entire project. This could be you, but the project management skills of a trusted general contractor are strongly recommended. Let the contractor’s project manager be the bad cop, and you can be the good cop and mediator should a difficult situation arise. But again, good planning can preclude such situations.

Do you have it in writing?

In many cases, people’s word is still their bond. But it is always best to get it in writing. Put your project ideas, budget, schedule, and any other key details on paper. Think it over for a while and refine it before you start shopping for a contractor. That will help organize your thoughts as well as enable you to communicate them more accurately. Get a written cost estimate from multiple trustworthy contractors. Then keep concise but thorough notes as the project proceeds, just in case. Again, a little extra planning effort up front will make the project work go more smoothly and make it much more likely that your project will meet your needs.