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Elias and Son Plumbing, LLC. is a family-owned and operated small business that provides both commercial and residential plumbing services. We are a fully licensed and insured plumbing contractor serving the Northern Virginia region. Elias and Son Plumbing, LLC.was founded by Elias Pimentel, who has had over 20 years of experience in commercial, residential and industrial plumbing work. He now combines that experience with his personable, proficient plumbing business to provide the best plumbing work available in the region. We do not use glitzy commercials or high end advertising to sell our services, which enables us to provide our customers with the most competitive pricing in the Northern Virginia region. We may not always be the lowest cost contractor, but we certainly provide our customers with the best value for the highest quality plumbing work you’ll find anywhere. Call us today!

What plumbers do

Plumbing – What plumbers do

So you have a problem with your facilities and you’re wondering who to call. If it is a plumbing problem and you live in the Washington DC metro area, you should most certainly call Elias and Son Plumbing, LLC.

But what is plumbing, what do plumbers do, and when should I call a plumber?

What is plumbing?

Plumbing is the system of pipes, drains, fittings, valves, and fixtures installed for the distribution of potable water for drinking, heating and cooling, washing, and waterborne waste removal.

What plumbers do

Plumbers install and maintain those systems used to convey potable (drinking) water to your home or business, and move sewage and drainage off-site. Plumbing work can include new and repaired piping, drinking fountains, bathroom facilities, hydronic heating and cooling systems, etc. The word plumber comes from the Latin word for lead, plumbum. Lead was used extensively to manufacture pipes in times past.