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Project Ideas

Making improvements to your business facilities and home can go a long way to making your life more pleasant and productive. And if you want or need to sell, it will be one of the best returns on your investment. Here are a few ideas on how you can start a "makeover" of your business facility and home that everyone will appreciate. And of course, give us a call if we can help you with any of these projects. The following series of presentations incorporate our extensive experience coupled with relevant home improvement valuations from the Home Improvement Calculator on the web site.

Ten Home or Office Projects With a Great Return on Your Investment

Here are ten recommended improvements to your home or office to improve your happiness, well-being and productivity. And of course, should you need to sell, performing these ten improvements will give you the best return on your investment. But why wait, start making your home or workplace a healthier and happier place now!


  • Organize
  • Lighten
  • Yard
  • Plumbing
  • Decorations
  • Kitchen
  • Drywall
  • Fix/Replace
  • Repair
  • Home

Organize and De-clutter

If you had to sell your home, you coud expect a whopping 973% average return on your investment when you organize and de-clutter your home. And even if you are not selling, you will be significantly more productive and comfortable in an organized home and workplace. Remove clutter by storing items in basement, attic or friend's home. Rent a storage space or sell excess items, if needed. Keep every room very clean during open homes.

Lighten and Brighten

865% Average Return on Investment: Replace any burnt-out bulbs and use higher wattage bulbs, if possible. Have defective electrical components repaired or replaced.

Yard and Landscaping

426% Average Return on Investment: Store away personal effects from front yard. Hire gardener or landscaper to trim back the overgrowth and maintain yard. Make sure that your lawn has a healthy green appearance.

Plumbing and Electrical

260% Average Return on Investment: Consider repairing or replacing any defective plumbing or electrical items in your home. Make sure you have the right person for the job by getting several estimates.

Decorations and Accoutrements

251% Average Return on Investment: Buy some fresh flowers, live plants and other decorations to liven up your office and home. Dispose of old furniture or other large items.

Update Kitchen and Bath

168% Average Return on Investment: Update kitchen and baths by resurfacing cabinets or painting with neutral color. Replace toilet seats, dated fixtures and drawer/cabinet handles. Freshly caulk and redo grout in countertops, sinks, tubs and showers.

Repair Drywall and Paint Interior

148% Average Return on Investment: Repair any damaged interior walls by patching all chips, holes and cracks; then touch up or repaint interior walls with neutral color.


104% Average Return on Investment: If carpets are only lightly soiled, shampooing and/or spot removal should suffice. If there are rips, fading, heavy wear, smells or deep stains, replace with neutral color.


101% Average Return on Investment: Repair and refinish damaged floors, or cover with neutral-colored wall to wall carpet and note damage in your disclosure.

Exterior Roofing, Siding, Railing and Trim

76% Average Return on Investment: Repaint or resurface the exterior of house, as needed. Patch and repair any damaged areas.


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Five Key Project Planning Tips

With over 30 years of work in the commercial and residential construction business, CRW Builders can help you plan, design, schedule, finance and build most any project you require. You know the old saying, "A failure to plan is planning to fail." Well, here are project planning questions you should ask yourself and be ready to answer. Knowing the answer to these questions will help you thoroughly plan your next project so that it is much more likely to come in on time, within budget, and fully meets your requirements. Here are five tips to help you better plan your next project.


  • Project
  • Project
  • Project
  • Project
  • Get It In

What requirement, need or desire will this project fulfill?

Before you get to wrapped up in the mechanics of building something you heard or saw about, determine what it is you really need or want. This is the most neglected phase of nearly every project, in part because it can be difficult. Yet a thorough assessment of your needs and requirements is invaluable to every subsequent phase of your project — including design, permitting, construction, furnishings, to beneficial occupancy. It will prevent many false starts, misunderstandings, code violations, and waste of time and resources while deciding how much and what type of space your operations really need. And, most importantly, we can probably offer you a simpler, better, more cost efficient solution than the latest project or product you saw in an advertisement. Let us meet with you to help establish your project and facility requirements.

What budget are you working within?

Optimism can be a good thing, until you are making assumptions on project costs. Here is where the assistance of an experienced professional can help you ensure that you implement a project that avoids significant cost overruns. Make sure you have the funds or financing approved before the project gets underway so that you don't end up living with a partially completed project for months on end.

What is your schedule for completing the project?

Better planning can help avoid scheduling delays, but problems do arise. It could be a delay from a parts supplier, a plumber who will not be able to do work for another two weeks, or an unknown structural problem that requires special work. Good planning up front helps minimize the impacts of those pesky, inevitable challenges to project completion.

Who will oversee the project?

Larger projects typically involve preliminary meetings with architects/engineers and the general contractor, purchase and delivery of materials, work by multiple trade skills from different contractors, and, of course, visits by your friendly county inspector. Someone, whether the business or home owner or a designated representative, should provide oversight of the entire project. This could be you, but the project management skills of a trusted general contractor are strongly recommended. Let the contractor's project manager be the bad cop, and you can be the good cop and mediator should a difficult situation arise. But again, good planning can preclude such situations.

Do you have it in writing?

In many cases, people's word is still their bond. But it is always best to get it in writing. Put your project ideas, budget, schedule, and any other key details on paper. Think it over for a while and refine it before you start shopping for a contractor. That will help organize your thoughts as well as enable you to communicate them more accurately. Get a written cost estimate from multiple trustworthy contractors. Then keep concise but thorough notes as the project proceeds, just in case. Again, a little extra planning effort up front will make the project work go more smoothly and make it much more likely that your project will meet your needs.


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consumersGuideCover01a.gifConsumer's Guide To Successful Home Remodeling

After years and years of home remodeling work, we have compiled our extensive experience into an informative special report for homeowners. It will help you plan your next remodeling project tasks, especially the most important task: choosing the right remodeling contractor for your project.

If you follow the guidelines in this report, we're confident you'll find someone you'll be pleased with, whether you choose to do business with us or any other qualified professional. This information will also show you how to avoid the frustration and heartache that so many people suffer from when they remodel their homes. We hope you find it useful.

Click here to open or download The Consumer's Guide To Successful Home Remodeling.


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